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Meriton General Supplies

Meriton General Supplies

We distribute and stock a wide range of products such as Abrasives, Adhesives, Lubricants, Safety, Transmissions and Welding. We also carry various types of application tools such as Air tools, Cutting tools, Hand tools, Measuring tools and Power tools. On request by customers, we are able to “value add” our service in Fabrication, Machining and even Transportation. Most importantly, our very experience in-door sales team is capable of providing effective and efficient sourcing (both locally and overseas) to assist our valued customer, giving them peace of mind.

Some major industries that we serve:

  1. Aerospace
  2. Automation and Equipment Builders
  3. Electronics
  4. Oil & Gas Refinery
  5. Pharmaceutical
  6. Precision Engineering
  7. Statutory board

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